The language of smiles transcends time. Perhaps that’s why even the ancient Romans were known to whiten their teeth. They used goat milk (and other substances you’ll prefer we keep secret) to make their teeth sparkle. Fortunately, the practice of teeth whitening has come a long way since then!

aafaafaA Little Thing Called “Smileage”

You use your teeth in more ways than you probably realize on any given day. At Grandview Family Dental, we call that “smileage.” Many of life’s joys can dull the appearance of your teeth—coffee, tea, wine, oranges, carrots and more. Thanks to professional teeth whitening at our dentist office, you can now enjoy stain-causing foods and beverages without the guilt!

Teeth Whitening Options

Not only do teeth come in all shapes and sizes … they also come in many different shades of white. Our dentists realize that your teeth whitening goal is unique. At Grandview Family Dental, our staff will work to understand your desired level of whitening and brightening. Then, we’ll likely recommend one of the following as the best course of action to achieve it:

  • Professional Take-home Whitening Kit—Designed for use in the comfort of your own home, these professional kits are designed to whiten tooth enamel. The dental team will work with you to tailor trays that fit over your teeth like a glove. At home, you’ll squeeze the designated amount of professional whitening gel into your custom tray. Then simply place it over your teeth for the prescribed duration and frequency.
  • Internal Tooth Whitening—If you’ve had a root canal, sometimes your tooth can become discolored. Grandview Family Dental offers an internal tooth whitening process to help you recapture your youthful tooth color. This process is performed in the dentist office by Dr. Dowhos and Dr. Kam.

While most discoloration can be remedied with a simple whitening process, others may require more extensive cosmetic dentistry services. If you’re looking for dentists that can deliver pearly whites, you’ve come to the right place. Cosmetic tooth transformations such as veneers and crowns are also performed here at Grandview Family Dental.

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